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Re: [IP] MEDCO vent/ insulin shipped in hot trucks

> Just venting here about today's MEDCO experience.
> Today we received two separate shipments from Medco
> One insulated envelope with 2 defrosted/warm "cold packs" with 12 
> bottles of warm insulin (arrived warm in south Florida at 4:45 p.m.).
> One thermal styrofoam insulated container with 4 cold packs still half  
>  frozen containing 2 glucagon kits and 1 box of pen needles. (arrived
>  cold at
> 4:45
> pm.)
> I'd love to know why they refrigerated the glucagon kits and pen needles
>  sufficiently and not insulin.
> When I expressed my concern about the insulin sitting in HOT not air  
>  conditioned brown UPS trucks in sunny south Florida in the summer, the
> pharmacist at MEDCO told me that Eli Lilly says insulin is stable at (I
> don't  recall the exact numbers) approximately 110+ degrees for 12 hours
> or 120+  degrees for 8 hours.  Has anyone ever heard this?  

If I remember correctly, at that temperature and time, insulin will 
lose about 1 - 1 1/2 percent of its potency. While it's not good for it 
to sit that way for extended periods of time, it's not the end of the 
world, just a pain in the axx.

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