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[IP] MEDCO vent/ insulin shipped in hot trucks

Just venting here about today's MEDCO experience.
Today we received two separate shipments from Medco
One insulated envelope with 2 defrosted/warm "cold packs" with 12  bottles of 
warm insulin (arrived warm in south Florida at 4:45 p.m.).
One thermal styrofoam insulated container with 4 cold packs still half  
 frozen containing 2 glucagon kits and 1 box of pen needles. (arrived cold at
I'd love to know why they refrigerated the glucagon kits and pen needles  
sufficiently and not insulin.
When I expressed my concern about the insulin sitting in HOT not air  
 conditioned brown UPS trucks in sunny south Florida in the summer, the
pharmacist at
MEDCO told me that Eli Lilly says insulin is stable at (I don't  recall the 
exact numbers) approximately 110+ degrees for 12 hours or 120+  degrees for 8 
hours.  Has anyone ever heard this?  I asked the  pharmacist if she would 
 inject her child with insulin that sat in 120 degrees for 8 hours and she said
"I'm just telling you what Eli Lilly says regarding  shipping stability of 
insulin."  She was nice.
This has happened many times.  Thankfully customer service was nice  and they 
are replacing the warm insulin to arrive overnight in the morning in  proper 
container for south Florida. 
Very sincerely yours,

Ellen H. Ullman 

Mom, Advocate for children who  have diabetes and their parents, Friend, 
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"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before  starting 
to improve the world." Anne Frank
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