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Wow sorry to hear that 

I wouldn't blame the pump till I changed the cartridge - site - insulin
bottle and tubing TWICE 

The Drs seem afraid of what they don't know .. to them shots are simple and
reliable .  Not precise or easy to manage but then they don't care much
about that when your BG is 700+ ...

If it were me I would have agreed ( as you did ) to shots of correction
humalog till things were on track but not removal of pump. 

My $0.02 

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From: Walker, Robert (DMH) [mailto:email @ redacted] 
Sent: Friday, June 23, 2006 7:41 AM
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Subject: [IP] DKA

I just had the strangest episode of DKA.  I tested my BS before bedtime, and
it was 235.  I corrected for that.  I woke up the next morning, and my BS
registered HIGH on my meter.  I changed my infusion sets, and took a
correction insulin shot in my arm.  I was feeling worse at work, so went to
the ER.  My BS was 785, and all my other chemistry was wacko.  I was in the
ICU for two days.

Endocrinology immediately wanted me to get rid of my Cozmo Pump, and go back
on Lantus and Humalog injections.  They tried my pump one more time, and
because my sugar was 235 2 hours after lunch, they decided it wasn't

I figure I must of had an infusion set problem, even though nothing was
leaking, and I had no lumps at the infusion site.

I hate it when they just blame the pump, and figure eliminating its use will
solve all my problems.  Needless to say, I sent my Cozmo back and got a new

Has any of this instant DKA happened to anyone else?

Rob Walker 
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