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[IP] IP: (Insulinpumpgroup) Infusion set sites

Cherri - I have lost a lot of weight since I started on the pump (10/05
Animas 1250 using 6mm Insets).   The places where I can "pinch an inch" are
few and because of scar tissue around my midriff (above the waist) I have a
very hard time finding good places to use.   I can do the side and back
"pocket" area ok and have just started trying the leg.  My educator
suggested the leg along the seam line of clothes which is ok but she didn't
say anything about the top front of the leg or inside the thigh.  Does it
hurt to use the upper/inner thigh?   Seems like that would be a sensitive
area.   I'm willing to try but can you give me a more exact description of
the area you use?   (i.e. something like within 2 inches below leg crease
and 2 inches in from inner side of leg).  I know YMMV but it would help if I
had more ideas.  Thanks much!  /Shirley (dx'd 1954 age 5, Animas 1250 10/05)


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Felicia, Upper/inner thigh area is good too...you can still hide with
Also 'love handles'...-cherri & the chis 
(Damita, Cocoa & Gabriel) 

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With my blossoming baby belly, the abdomen as an infusion site is no longer
an option. 
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