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[IP] Latest Dexcom STS Sensor Life: 17 DAYS!

I terminated my second Sensor after 12 days. It was still giving good
results at that time.

This time, starting June 5, I decided to run the Sensor all the way
until it died. I got SEVENTEEN DAYS !!! And, until the day it died, the
results were as accurate as they had been during the first 3 days. It
skipped a few readings during the last 12 hours, before stopping
entirely, so it's almost certainly due to the sensor output voltage
becoming "unstable" or declining below some minimum level.

WOW! That's barely $2.00 per day, an annual cost for Sensors of only
$752. (Of course I will probably also spend $550 for a new receiver +
$500 for two new transmitters, the batteries aren't replaceable.)

Although Dexcom can't talk about 'Off-Label' Sensor life, and therefore
describe an annual cost of $4000-$5000, if they all last for 17 days
then it will cost me just $1800 to have CONTINUOUS GLUCOSE MONITORING
all through the year.

At the same time, I've cut my traditional finger-stick testing from 12
per day to about 5. Happy fingers, less money! When I loose COBRA
coverage and have to buy my own, in about a year, it will actually be
*CHEAPER* to live *WITH* the CGMS than without: CGMS costs less than $5
per day, but saving 7 old-style strips at about .80 cents each saves
$5.60. You may have insurance- but for me, these strips will soon be

Although they can't talk about 'Off-Label' Sensor life, and therefore
continue to describe an annual cost of $4000-$5000, it will cost me
about $1800 to have CONTINUOUS GLUCOSE MONITORING all through the year.
if 's Cheaper, Better, and buzzes to save me from lows at night. (Oops,
I forgot to factor all those Glucagons into my savings-- another
$200-$400 per year, even at Canadian prices. My Insurance only pays for
one more before it goes away.)

I can go to bed WITHOUT FEAR. And whenever I want to see what my bG has
been doing (for the last hour, or 3 hours, or 9 hours), I can just look
down at the Receiver on my belt. There it is, a reading every 5 minutes,
trend curves and everything!

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