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Re: [IP] Cottage Cheese

>  I really like cottage cheese. I've had it for breakfast quite often 
>mixed with
>a little Equal, vanilla and fresh fruit - usually some kind of berry but
>sometimes banana, plus a little All Bran Extra Fiber cereal. I've never had a
>problem with it until recent;y, when I staed getting high readings 
>at my 2 hour
>BG check.


>  I guess I'll have to look up the discussion that we had here recently on the
>TAG method of bolusing for high protein/fat meals (although I use 1% cottage
>cheese, very little fat).

Protein shouldn't be giving you a two-hour spike, but a delayed high. 
I use a modified TAG (carb plus half the protein) and have cottage 
cheese and fruit for lunch all the time.  The fruit is more likely to 
be causing a spike.
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