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[IP] Cottage Cheese

 I really like cottage cheese. I've had it for breakfast quite often mixed with
a little Equal, vanilla and fresh fruit - usually some kind of berry but
sometimes banana, plus a little All Bran Extra Fiber cereal. I've never had a
problem with it until recent;y, when I staed getting high readings at my 2 hour
BG check. It happened last week, and I thought it was just a fluke, and it
happened Sunday. On Sunday I thought for sure my set had gone bad because I was
252 at the 2 hour mark, and I had been out in the sun/heat all day Saturday. I
decided to just correct with the set just to see and my BG did come down.

 This morning I decide to try again and was 205 at the 2 hour check and it's
taking awhile to come down. I have not had this problem with other breakfast
meals - yogurt with all of the same additions as the cottage cheese, or cold
cereal with fruit and soy milk. It's just the cottage cheese. I know it has a
lot of protein but it's never affected me before. I've had it quite often.

 I guess I'll have to look up the discussion that we had here recently on the
TAG method of bolusing for high protein/fat meals (although I use 1% cottage
cheese, very little fat). So far I've taken two corrections equal to what the
pump suggested for my original meal bolus (the two corrections added together,
not each one the same as the original).

 This is frustrating as I love cottage cheese and don't want to give it up,
especially since I haven't had problems in the past.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed Paradigm 715 5/2005
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