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Re: [IP] Got insurance approval and will be pumping!

 Add me to this list, too! It took from June to February for me to get my
approval, and these months since then have been fabulous! So far, I have had no
problems to crop up, but staying current with this group, I know I am building a
good foundation for any future issues. I was here from the time my doctor
requested it, until I got it. When I went for my pump training in Memphis (a 2hr
trip), the bag with my new pump and supplies got left behind. We were crossing
the Mississippi River, going into Memphis when I realized it was not with us. No
time to run home and get it. LOL However, I told my husband I wanted to go on
and see if I might still be able to go through it with my CDE since I'd learned
a lot here, plus read the book and watched the DVD that came with it. Sure
enough, though she said she thought it was a first for her, we'd use one of her
demos, and do all we could. Everything went swell, and I hooked up as soon as I
got home (and after resting a bit
  from the trip :), and been happily connected ever since! That was the best
approval my insurance company ever made, I know!! The best $6,000 they ever
spent!! [Then, equal to it, was the approval for my powered wheel chair two
months later! *s*]

A Happy Pumper and new Power Wheel Chair user in Arkansas!
email @ redacted
Pumping with MiniMed Paradigm 715, 2/06 Humalog. Symlin

On a recent trip, I discovered that "Home is where my kitties are."
Today is the first day of the rest of my life!

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Congratulations Kent:  I know what it is like to be waiting to get that 
insurance news...  I waited a few months last summer and was sure the upgrade 
would not go through - but it finally did - and I was just as excited as you 
probably are right now...  Good luck..
> Hi all IPers,
> I got superb news in my mailbox today. I just got insurance approval for my 
> new pump. I will be getting a new Animas IR 1250. I am excited to be 
> pumpin'! Just had to share the fine news.
> .
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