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[IP] Re:Shock Can cause diabetes

One more for physical shock setting off the on set of T1.

This is the history of Dr. Peter Forsham who was at the Univ of Calif. 
Medical Center.
His mother was driving on a rural road in Germany about 1928.  He was 
asleep.  Some thieves had fallen a tree across the road.  When he woke up 
the men had pulled open the door of the car and he found a knife at his 
throat.  His mother was robbed and they were let go.
With in a few days he started to show the on set of Diabetes.
Before Wourld War 2 he was able to get to Boston.  There he was taken in by 
Dr. Joshlin and his wife  at the Joshlin Clinic.   He and worked as a house 
boy and lived with them while he went to Medical School.
  He came out to U.C. in San Francisco.  I first meet him while I was a 
Dental Student in the mid 1950's.
  By the end of 1960's he was finding that diabetics who had been put the 
the new NPH only were dying.Older diabetics that had stayed on MI Regular 
were doing a lot better and out living the NPH ones.
Remember Glucose meters only came along about 1980 +or minus.
Charles Soderstrom DDS Dx T 1 in Oct 1953 at age of 19

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