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Re: [IP] Joslin

Don wrote:
> Just got invited to Boston in January to take part in
> the research program on us 'oldies' with over 50 yrs
> surviving diabetes.
> Anybody else been to this???

Got back from my visit to Boston (6/15-19). I had to drink 6-8 glasses
of water the day before the testing so they would have enough blood to
draw 7 tubes. That meant a lot of fluid added just after my Thurs. a.m.
dialysis treatment (d. patients are restricted on fluids - however I
still have about 3% function which helps tremendously!). I missed a tx
from Thu a.m. to Mon. a.m. (normally run M/W/F p.m.). I usually have
less than 2k of fluid between treatments, and had only 3.1 for that

They checked for neuropathy and did weight/height measurements. When I
got out of high school I was 5'7" and now am 5' so I'll be a little old
woman before too long (67 y/o). They did a BG - 126 and I asked for
blood to do it on my meter - 102. I turned in that 246-q personality
test - which was quite fun to complete, like "Do you sit quietly at a
meeting?" HA!

Then to the eye test. In my book there is a chapter of My Blind Times -
well, now my vision is 20/16 in the eye that had the victrectomy and
20/20 in the other. Both have had cataract implants, ptosis repairs
(eyelids), and right eye had laser for a bubble. PTL!!! BUT, the flash
tests were distressing to this very sensitive body. The doctor doing
them was kind of getting perturbed cuz I couldn't take it. Then I also
announced I think my BG is dropping. I get a yellow cashew-shaped aura
in my vision for some lows and sure I was then, too. They took me to
another room and offered orange juice but I got apple juice due to too
much potassium in the o.j. for dialysis patients. Then a lady came with
a cartish type bag and took my BG and it was 87 (about 7-8 min. after
juice). She said she'd give me another juice and I said I wanted another
test in about 15 minutes first. That was 96 so I refused the juice but
they gave me one to take along with 2 pks of 2 Ritz P.B. crackers.

The lady then asked if I had b'fst and a bolus? She was kind of
reprimanding me for the low and I asked if she knew stress affected BGs?
Yes, she did. I said, "Well, I AM under stress." Also, I usually do not
eat b'fst then take a 2-block walk to a building as well as walking
inside to each department. DUH.

After that, we were dismissed as our parts were over. Dtr. accompanied
me, which was good so she can see what her mom has to endure - for 3

We always talk about sufficient supplies when traveling. I had 3 meters,
75 strips, a full vial of insulin plus two partials, and syringes. I
changed my site Sat. a.m. and we met Roger C. for b'fst, then he took us
to another 50+ DMer's home for a tour of the city. John is quite
historical and a delight to know. However, my BG reached 350 and I found
out I had no insulin in my purse, no syringe, and about 6-7 strips!!!
They were all back in our hotel room. Finally got it down to 131 and I
knew the site was working. WHEW. Roger had let me use his meter/strips
to test about 5 x which was a tremendous help. It was also good for dtr.
to be with Roger and John to know others do the same as her mom. We had
a total of 167 years of DM for the 3 of us.

I good time was had by all. YMMV

 Jan dx'd T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda II (MM508 8/31/04)
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