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[IP] Trish

 Trish, honestly why does your husband CARE? If my wife asked me to get rid of
my pump or not use it I would get rid of her. ( she would never do that because
it keeps me alive LONGER) It is a LIFESAVING medical device. Not that I mean to
sound as harsh as it does but come on now! You are in control of YOUR diabetes
and alas you must live with the consequnces. IF you could gain better control
through the use of a pump ( and you can I have been using one for almost 7 years
now) why would you need to get his approval? Maybe I am reading to much into it
but I beleieve that he would want you to be alive longer ( I am FIRM believer of
pump technology)

 If you are worried about how it affects him (that is incredibly sweet of you)
don't be...worse case scenario you disconnect your pump for a while...no

 My wife and even my ex girlfiends all knew I was diabetic and I am a pushy guy
when it comes to my diabetes...( I own it IT, does not own ME) so whateverI had
to do make my life better I was willing and always a volunteer to try new things
to see if they improved my life...sure enough they have.

 I wish I coul rewrite the top part so you would know that I do not mean to be
harsh at all just surprised that your husbands comfort would override your
desire top have something that might improve your LIFE.

I wish you the best

If you need someone to twist someones arm lol let me KNOW I can be persuasive!

Take care


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