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[IP] hand lotion

I don't use it speciffically on my hands, but since my hands end up with it
on as I spread it on my feet, I guess it could qualify as use and helping my

I used to, and occassionally still use Udderly Smooth Udder Cream purchased
from Walmart pharmacy shelf.  Worked better than most lotions I had tried.
But if you've tried that and find it doesn't work, then try Nutraplus
Therapeutic lotion.  The Nutraplus lotion is a 10% urea lotion, which has
worked miracles on my dry & cracking feet.

I went to MN from Christmas to my Birthday (2 weeks).  When I drove up
there, my feet were dry and starting to crak at the heels.  Mom had me try
some of the Nutraplus on my feet, and within one week, my feet no longer had
any dry spots, and ALL the cracks in my heels had almost completely closed
and healed already.

I don't remember where I got the Nutraplus I have now.  Mom said she gets
hers from the local pharmacy.  It's sold OTC, but if the pharmacy has any,
you'll have to ask for it, because its one of the items usually kept behind
the pharmacist's counter and NOT accessible to just grab off the shelf.  But
here, in Enterprise, AL, I was unable to find it locally, and ordered some
online.  Shop around... When I bought, the online prices ranged from $10 -
$35 for the 16 oz. container.

I test 6 - 12 times daily, and for the past 15 years, I've alternated
fingers/sides of fingers.  Today, I'm using the right side of my left middle
finger.  Tomorrow I'll use the left side of the same finger.  Next day, I'll
start on the right side of next finger.  The way I rotate, I'll use only 3
1/2 fingers in a 7 day week.  Been doing it like that since Dx, and no
problems yet.  Although sometimes over winter (my job is 90% OUTDOORS work),
I'll have to switch fingers just to find one that will bleed, but other than
that, no problems at all.


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Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 12:19:54 -0500
From: "Laura Quinlivan" <email @ redacted>

When I was testing 4 times a day, I never had problems with having enough
places to test, but now that I'm testing 7-10 times a day, I'm having some
trouble finding enough places to test. Pretty much all I can count on is
pinkies and ring fingers, but if they're cold, then they're no good either,

Please, can some of y'all share what kind of lotion you use to keep
callouses to a minimum? I have sensitive skin and allergies to alot of
stuff, so anything scented or alcohol/iodine based won't work for me.

Laura & Lil Bit
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