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[IP] Who wears short Shorts? w/thigh site

Not me. But I do have a pair of knee- length shorts so decided since No.
Cal weather is HOT I wear my knee-length shorts today.

I neatly tucked the thigh site tubing into my short's pocket and went
outdoors this morning to feed hay to livestock.

First pasture...no problems.

Second pasture...no problems.

However...when I was going through gate into the third pasture that
houses ewes and lambs...the hay wagon got caught on the gate post.  As I
am pulling on the wagon...something is pulling on me! I realized my
tubing had worked its way out of my pocket and is hung up around a ewe's
neck.  My choice...continue to pull on wagon and keep lambs from
escaping out through gate (grass always greener on the other side true)
OR save my thigh site. Seconds pass while I am deciding what to do when
I hear a loud SNAP and the ewe is free of the tubing.  

I check the thigh site...intact...and I realize ewe was pulling on
tubing attached to the luer lock on the pump in my pocket.  I take the
pump out and see tubing still attached to the pump but the tubing seems
to have grown considerably in length.  

I gave up on the wagon and tossed the hat on the ground and pushed wagon
back through gate and went back to the house.
Looking at the tubing I see an area of approximately inch and one-half
with air bubbles and decide that area must be where the snapping sound
occured.  Changed tubing out and measured damaged tubing.  The original
43" length had been stretched to 48"!  Seemed to me alot longer when it
happened but 5" is considerable.

Moral...don't wear shorts w/thigh site on a farm.

Becky LaSpina
IDDM since 1957
pumping since 1998
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