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Re: [IP] Re: Endocrinologists

 md mpls <email @ redacted> wrote: Insulin Pumpers is made possible by your tax
deductible contributions.

 For many years I was followed strictly by my PCP. Finally she decided that she
had helped me as much as she could and she was referring me to an endo. I cried
because I felt she had given up on me. I couldn't have been more wrong. My endo
has been terrific. When I go in for my appointments she checks everything
thoroughly. With her I went from humalog and humalin to lantus and humalog. It
was with her direction that I then went to multiple injections. She caught my
kidney problems early and sent me to a nephrologist. She also diagnosed my
hypothyroid problem. She took the time to always listen to me and when I told
her I had been thinking about the pump she gave me lots of information about
different pumps. She told me that the fact that I had been counting carbs and
doing multiple injections would make it much easier for me to adjust to the
pump. Her office helped to get the pump approval for me through my insurance
  At first I had to fax in BG daily for her to review and make suggestions for
adjusting the basal. Then it went to weekly. Whenever a change was made I
received a phone call that same day. Now I am on a longer term on my own, but I
know if I run into difficulties that I can fax or call. I am now ready to handle
the pump on my own knowing that she is available should I need help. I still
have the same primary care doctor and appreciate that she sent me to my endo.
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