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Re: [IP] endocrinologists

From: "John S Wilkinson" <email @ redacted>
  "My HMO says an Endo has to Do the Rx. I really don't see the Endo I see the
Nurse Practioner. I feel like I am conducting a CME (Continuing Medical
Education) everytime I see her. I am sure she learns something new every time we

 LOL, my daughter says my doctors should pay me because they learn so much about
other diseases from me.

 I had an internist when I got my 1st pump. The agreement was that I would learn
everything on my own and I spent 1 -2 hours with the pump trainer. I had to go
into his office for the official start. Just seeing an internist worked fairly
well for me. I would just tell him what I wanted to try and he knew I would test
a lot.

 After my daughter was dx'd I decided if I wanted her to go to an endo I should
too. So I went to one guy and told him my internist name and he said but who
manages your pump and I said me. He seemed surprised. I thought he was a nut and
he didn't give me any advise and it had taken 3 months to get in to see him.
Then I found another endo group who was closer and made appt for both my
daughter and I. We both really like him a lot and respect his suggestions but
still wonder sometimes if we're any better off. You do make so many decisions on
your own. When our endo looks at our blood sugars of course he looks for
patterns. But sometimes I take my insulin late or forget to bolus for something
and then I know that there is a reason why I was high but my endo doesn't know
all the details or have time to read that much info even if I was writing it all

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