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[IP] Re: Endocrinologists

Snip< skirting the edge of hypoglycemia . .  while
some people can stand the stress of living
every minute of their lives on the edge of a
hypoglycemic coma, others cannot>

While some points made in the original post about
Endocrinologists were interesing, I can't help but
wonder what sort of Endocrinologist would direct you
to live, as you put it "skirting the edge of
hypoglycemia" or "living on the edge of a hypogylcemic
coma".  The words you use to not describe good blood
glucose control - for any person with diabetes.  Part
of what an Endocrinologist can do is help you
determine what the optimum blood glucose level is for
you and will also know the longer reaching
implications on your system.  

I have had many doctors in the 26 years of having "D"
- some were endos and some were general practitioners.
 And in my experience, only the Endo's (and not even
all of them) had the understanding of ALL the factors
and issues related to this disease. 

I just think that making wide reaching statements like
that can be just a bit dangerous and give others a
reason not to continue to get their best treatment. 

Just one more person's take on this topic!


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