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[IP] how do I use the Sof-Set for Paradigm pumps

Hi everyone. I have been pumping for about four years now and I have always
used the Quicksets. I tried the silhouettes in the very beginning but was
not a fan of the angled insertion. I wanted to try a new kind of set to see
what i thought, so on my most recent order I ordered a box of the sof-sets.
I like the low profile but I am not sure I put it in correctly. Is it just
me or are the picture only directions with these confusing? I had an extra
piece in the end- a film i think. if anyone uses this set can you give me a
quick description of how these are to be used? also- the plastic flaps on
the set- is there supposed to be an adhesive on those, or only on the square
sourrounding the cannula? It seems strange that there isn't any there...Any
input would be much appreciated!

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