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Re: [IP] endocrinologists

I have had negative and positive review with Endos, some (actually MOST)  
 have been USELESS to me! They are used to dealing with "D's" that are unaware
of what to do!  The LAST endo I went to (and think I ever will) was  like 
 "hmmmm, 3 weeks on a pump, excellent control, let's put you BACK ON MDI's and
how that goes.."  I said "NO!!" and he told me that if I "was not  going to go 
with 100% of what he or his office said, that he would have to THINK  if I 
was going to be his patient", I told him that was an easy one, I FIRED HIM  ON 
THE SPOT!   My GP and I are very close, emails whenever I THINK  something is 
going on, same day appointments!  When it is time for my labs,  I have a 
 standing order of A1C and Lipids and Exec panel.. ANYTHING ELSE I just call and
"Hey Beth, PITA here (nick name of "Pain the in the Ass"), we  giggle and she 
sends the request right over!  The lab faxes ME and the  office the results 
 together! I DID have a endo for a few years in CA that was GREAT! I think it
had a LOT to do with his VERY caring staff  too!  Then we moved back here to 
AZ and have been to a TON of them here,  including a few that other D's have 
recommended.  NADA  I guess I am  too "involved" as a few have told me.  My GP 
is "young" and went to med  school where I grew up and is VERY MUCH into the 
latest thing for D's!  I  was his first on the pump and now he has quite a few 
on the pump!  Dr Patel  is the GREATEST!  I have listed hi on the IP list, so 
don't fret  anyone.  I drive 50 miles 1 way to see him, and would NEVER have 
it any  other way! It is kind of scary though, we have been looking into  
 moving to anyone state for DH's work, and the idea of changing docs
for Whyatt and dr for us) is SCARY!!   The  even SCARIER part would be finding 
ANOTHER PERI, the PERI that I had for being  PG with Whyatt.. he is the 
 WORLDS GREATEST! LOVE YOU DR G!! I could very well come back here to AZ JUST
the Peri if we move!  Ok, Whyatt's  stirring, gotta run.
~ShawnaLt in AZ on IP & D_Mommy too!
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