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RE: [IP] Problems with Cleo

I received my first Cleos in December
Wanted to add that I am in general pleased with the ease of use and the
flexibility they offer.  Still a good product.  Need to work on tubing.  

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From: Veronica Elsea [mailto:email @ redacted] 
Sent: Saturday, June 17, 2006 9:23 PM
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Subject: RE: [IP] Problems with Cleo

I've been using the Clios for about a month now. I've had some days 
of really wicked highs, but they've clearly been atributable to the 
infusion sets. I also keep my tubing until I change the cartridge so 
I'll pay close attention to this. But I haven't gotten any alarms or 
any guff from my pump about anything. I actually tried to find the 
specs for the tubing to see if it indeed was double layer like the 
Disetronic stuff is, but couldn't find anything.
So, those of you who call Smiths Medical, please keep us posted.
Take care; talk to ya soon.

Veronica Elsea, Owner
Laurel Creek Music Designs
Santa Cruz, California
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