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RE: [IP] Problems with Cleo


I have had a few strange Highs that I have attributed to the tubing.
I have never had it happen on the first use however.  My usual plan is to
fill a 300 unit cartridge replace the site and tubing and set the reminder
for 3 days. In 3 days I have about 160 or so units left so I change the site
and reuse the same tubing. Saves the 17 or so units required to prime the
tubing and saves time.  Trouble is that I have had a few experiences where
it seems the tubing isn't closed BUT is slowing the delivery. I have tested
it by JUST changing the tubing.  Twice I have gotten delivery alarms, but as
I said it has NEVER happened in the first 3 days of use.

I hope that smiths pays attention because lots of us like to reuse tubing. 

I started reusing the tubing after Smiths screwed up an order and shipped me
24" tubing 

Im curious how many others have seen the same problem

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Hi everyone

Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with Smith's cleo infusion 
sets.  I woke up with high BS this morning so I bolus the correction and 
then the pump alarmed -  so I pulled out the cartridge and put the plunger 
on and try to squirt some insulin out by pushing the plunger -  and it 
wouldn't go so I tried pulling on the plunger and still wouldn't go -  
meanwhile I started to feel sick so I just took a shot and then put a new 
tubing on and so far its working - didn't change out a new cartridge since I

still had insulin in it   This is the second time this happened - happened 
last week so out of the box I've used two tubings and 4 sites - looks like 
each tubing will clogg.  This time I bet I got high keytones since I got 
really sick and vomitted and felt nausous all day that I was not able to 
function - thanks to insuracne and no keytone strips for the 2nd time I 
needed it (they finally authorized the keytone strips but now Walgreens 
wont' get them til Monday).

Out of the 7 years pumping I never had a clogged tubing - most is canula 
being kinked or bent.  I will be calling Smith's on Monday.  Just wondering 
if I'm the only one having this problem?  or do I have a bad batch of cleos.

  Besides that I love the infusion sets and am wondering if my high BS is 
from the set or the high is just me.

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