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Re: [IP] tricare

 It is also different among the different Tricare *packages*. We have been using
Tricare for years, but Tricare for Life just since Jim turned 65 a couple of
years ago. Now it is secondary to Medicare. We have no complaints, and LOVE the
co-pay, especially with all the meds that I take!

 When Jim got my strips the other day, the pharmacist called Tricare for my 300
approval, and they gave it only for 200. He only had one box available (small
town, small town pharmacy). Then, yesterday, when we stopped by to have some new
scripts filled after a doctor's appointment, they had the remainder of my strips
in there............ 200 MORE, making my total of 300! I just asked him if they
said *why* and he wasn't even aware of how many boxes were in the sack (I could
tell from the first sight when he got back into the car......... men!.........
some at least! LOL). So, I've got my strips for this month, but I have an endo
appointment Monday, and I am going to have him call AND write out the Rx for the
reason for the number prescribed (which was done before).

 Has anyone with Tricare tried using the Express by mail? We have the paperwork
for it, but I am leery with all that I take, if anything should get messed up
I'd be in a pickle. Would love to hear any feedback about this. Send off-list if
need be.

A Happy Pumper and new Power Chair user in Arkansas!
email @ redacted
Pumping with MiniMed Paradigm 715, 2/06 Humalog. Symlin

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 We are also Tricare Prime in WA state. My son gets 600 strips each quarter. We
have absolutely NO problems with Tricare here in our region for ANY of Josh's
needs. You may want talk to someone at Tricare to see what they are
needing/wanting for your region. It really surprises me how each region is so
different yet they are all still Tricare!!!!

mom to Joshua
Poulsbo, WA  west of Seattle
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