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Re: [IP] endocrinologists

I'll have to respectably disagree with much of what has been said about
endocrinologists.  I personally find GP's and family practitioners totally
useless when it comes to diabetes.  My personal experiences pretty much
agree with the Washington University study that said that 94% of the GP' and
Internal Medicine doctors in the US were untrained to treat Type I

My endo spends a lot of time with me, remembers me and we go over my overall
care plan, protecting my kidneys, etc.  We carefully evaluate my nerve
damage, look at my eyes, legs and feet, look at options and discuss all the
recent advances in care and research. We also check all the sites I have
been using to see how the tissue is holding up.

Obviously with how straightforward diabetes has become to manage, your endo
is not going to manage your BG's, but if you are having trouble managing
them, he/she can offer many different things to try.

So many things effect our control, it is just too much to manage without
some help from someone that sees it all the time.

I would give up my Primary Care, but never my endo. A couple of years back
when I had an abscess on the front of my leg, he say me within an hour and
again later in the week.  His prompt treatment probably played a large part
in me still having both legs after 50 years.

If you are still in the early stages of diabetes, lets say less than 25-30
years, then you may not find an endo that useful.  But when the
complications start setting in, it sure is nice to go to a doctor that has a
clue.  Just my experiences.

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