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Re: [IP] endocrinologists

I'm going to join the loud Amen chorus on this one. Heck, it takes 
three months to get an appointment with my endocrinologist and then 
when I do get in, the appointment is oh so predictable. "Let's see, 
do we have you taking an Ace inhibitor? Shouldn't you be doing it to 
protect the kidneys? So, are you taking Lipitor yet?" I have an 
appointment coming up on Monday and I guarantee he'll forget that I'm 
trying to change infusion sets and readjust my basals. We'll waste a 
bunch of time downloading meters and such and he'll order lab work, 
the results which I'll never see myself.
So, like I said, Amen! Great post. It ought to be written up in 
medical textbooks.
Take care; talk to ya soon.

Veronica Elsea, Owner
Laurel Creek Music Designs
Santa Cruz, California
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