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Re: [IP] New to List - Need assistance

> Thu, 15 Jun 2006 13:35:03 -0700
> From: Antonio <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IP] New to List - Need assistance
> > 
> Also, if your husband is on SSDI, he qualifies after 2 years for 
> Medicare.  I would check to see if they cover dependent spouse by 
> calling 800-MEDICARE.
> Antonio in LA,Age 40, Type 1 since 1993

I called Medicare.  No go - sort of.

 There are no spousal add-ons. I'm under 65. My husband has Medicare Part A, B,
and the new D. He's all set. He is DM2 on oral meds but his durable supplies are
covered (test equipment, strips, etc). He is not on a pump like me.

They did suggest another plan in my state (RX Advantage) but that was a no go.

One possibility is to buy-in to my husband's Medicare.

 Presuming I have enough work history going back to when I was 16, and that
should not be a question - I do - I could buy-in to Medicare but that could run
$220 to $320 a month for the premium, which of course we don't have.

 However, if I cannot get MassHealth/Medicaid to take me back on at a hearing we
have scheduled at the end of this month, then there may be some latitude to see
if they would pick up the premium for Medicare.

 It's an angle we didn't know about but it depends on the factors of enough work
(not a problem) and a determination of disability.

 The problem is that under normal circumstances, DM1 is not considered in and of
itself a disability.

 When I filed for disability the last time we knew I did not have enough prior
work history for SSDI but was interested in getting to the level of disability
determination where we could present medical information. However that system
first checks to see if you have enough work quarters in first. If you don't it
rejects the claim outright and you never get to the disability determination

 Anyone know if MiniMed has any support programs for people who fall into my
situation? If so I'll give them a jingle next week. The middle-man company that
has been sending the supplies has not been a help thus far.

Mary K.
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