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Re: [IP] Disetronic Actor/Producer Pumper in Hollywood

Hi Chris and welcome!
 I know that Halle Berry wears a pump. I don't remember where I read it, but she
talked about how she tries to find a place for her pump when dressing in her
evening gowns which can be quite revealing. Always manages to do it! I have
never seen where she puts it!
Karen C. 
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Have used the Disetronic D-Tron Plus for the last 5 years.  The Pump has
been a life-changing aid for me.

 There are a few Type 1 diabetics out here in the entertainment industry
-- Halle Barry, Mary Tyler Moore.  Thing is, I am not entirely sure if
they use the pump or not.  One thing about acting, stage or film/tv, is
that you often have several wardrobe changes in a given time period on
the job.  I always ask wardrobe if I can make little incisions in the
right pockets of my pants so that I can simply keep my pump in my right
pocket and then feed the tubing through the incision; and, they are
always happy to oblige me.

I am admittedly just getting my acting career going and have only a few
projects to my name.     But, have joined the actors unions, SAG/AFTRA
and have both commercial and dramatic Agents.  This year, shot a Reality
Pilot called, -Julie Gets Married- for NBC that, unfortunately was not
aired.   We'll get 'em on the next one, though! :)

Would like to raise the profile of Type 1 Diabetes in cinema and TV, make
seeing somebody with an insulin pump on no big deal.  Right now, people
still look at you a little surprised -- actually, a lot surprised!
:)  Also, If you have a chance, read my blog that I've been doing for the
past two years out here in Los Angeles -- it's humorously titled,
Usedcarsalesman.com -- an ironic title for my blog in that my actual
reputation is one of providing "trustworthy" opinions. :)

Thank you for all the good tips on the mailing list that  I receive from
insulin-pumpers.org.  And, heck, thanks to insulin-pumpers.org for making
life a little easier for we pumpers!

Chris Franklin

chris at chris franklin dotcom
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