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RE: [IP] New to List - Need assistance

I am in MA. What type of supplies do you use. Maybe we have some members
that can donate some to help. 

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Subject: [IP] New to List - Need assistance

Greetings to all.

I am new to the list and am in need of some assistance.

 I am a 50-plus year old married woman from Boston. I was diagnosed with
gestational diabetes when I was carrying my last child over 19 years ago.
That blossomed, post delivery, into full Type-I DM.

 For a few years after his birth we experimented with various forms of
therapy and injection regimines only to find I was insulin intolerant.
Eventually I was introduced to the pump and have been successfully on one
for many years now.

 At the time I went onto the pump I was taking as many as 7-9 injections a
day and not gaining the necessary benefits of that format, often winding up
in the emergency room for IV fluids due to dehydration and even experiencing
DKA a couple of times. For the most part a 6-10 hr admission in the ER was
enough but there have been a couple of hospitalizations for a few days over
the years.

Now roll forward to today.

 My husband is disabled and only gets SSDI. I have not worked in many years
and a lot of that is due to the diabetes as well as other factors.

 Through my son's growth period I was able to collect MassHealth, this
state's Medicaid program as his dependant mother. We were successful in
getting them to pick up the expense of my pump supplies for a number of
years. Indeed I was a pioneer at Boston Medical Center to get their diabetes
clinic to start a whole practiuce associated with those of us on the pump. I
also helped set precedent to get the pump supplies a covered item with

 With my son reaching age 19, I no longer qualify for MassHealth/Medicaid
and they will no longer pick up the cost of my supplies for the pump. I am
presently awaiting a review/appeal to see if I can do something with them
but things don't look hopeful. Even then the wheels of government move

 I applied for the Boston Medical Center Free Care system but while they
cover supplies such as syringes and insulin, they will not cover pump
supplies. Yes, that makes no sense given the above. I've been arguing that
point for some time now.

 So, I will shortly run out of my last delivery of supplies - in about 30-40
or so days and will have to go back on injections.

 We know from past experience that injections do not work for me so I am
looking at a degredation of my condition.

 While on the pump the number of trips to the ER have lessened greatly from
many a year to maybe 1-2 a year. A1C tests have been good, sugars in
relative control. Eyesight has been stable and no serious incursions into
neuropathy, though I have some indications of that here and there I deal

So, I am stuck.

 I have been unsuccessful in getting any information on where or how I might
be able to continue to get supplies for the pump.

 As noted my husband is on SSDI and I am not working so there is no cash to
purchase them outright and the free care system has rejected us thus far.

 I've already spoken to "Health Care for All" and "The American Diabetes
Association" with little luck.

 My nurse practitioner turned me on to this list as a possible place to get

I am on a Minimed pump but haven't as yet spoken to them.

Suggestions folks?

 I'm greatly afraid that the loss of the pump will cause my health to
degrade rapidly.

 While there is a state law here that says insurance carriers must supply
disbetic supplies including pump supplies, MassHealth/Medicaid is being
revoked on technical grounds. And the BMC free care system is not an
insurance-based service that falls under the state law - or so they say.

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