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[IP] Sex and the Pump

Well what can I say this post is not about Sex and the Pump but it 
did get you to open this email didn't it.

I decided to take another approach to try to get people to read the 
rules of the board.

Several that I want to stress are:

All the following rules should of been read by every one of you 
before you joined its listed on a link on the join page so there is 
no reason why these guidelines continue to be broken.  With that said 
we still send out reminders and people continue to ignore us when we 
make the reminders and honestly its getting ANNOYING.  So please read 
the rules.

all guidelines are located here:


Number 4 under the Posting Guidelines:

Use specific subject lines to help others determine if it is a topic 
they might be able to contribute to. When responding from the digest 
or browser, change the subject line to reflect the nature of your post.

Number 7 under the Posting Guideline (be sure to read the signature portion):

Remember that not everyone has unlimited internet access at a flat 
rate and a fast modem. When you send a post to the list, it takes up 
bandwidth which translates into taking up another person's time and 
money. Make sure your post adds value to the group. And limit 
signature lines. Insulin Pumpers appreciates it if you keep your 
signature line to 1 or 2 lines at most. With 100 or more posts a day, 
multiple signature lines on lots of posts results in longer download 
times and higher access charges for some members. It also adds 
considerable volume to the text that digest subscribers must scroll 
through to find the real messages. Your email program may allow you 
to use different signatures, please shorten or eliminate your 
signature for posts to the Insulin Pumpers' lists.

Number 9 under the Posting Guidelines (READ THIS ONE AND FOLLOW IT):

Be courteous and also try to keep your responses as short as 
possible. Try not to copy the entire message that you are responding 
to. <snip> the portions that are not relevant to your response. 
Snipping is very easy to do and helps keep the list volume manageable.

Number 15 and 16 under the Posting Guidelines:

Because IP is a non-profit organization, the sale of any item, 
including pumping equipment and supplies, is not allowed on the list. 
Members who have unwanted items are encouraged to donate them to 
Insulin Pumpers or to another organization that benefits people with 
diabetes and has a distribution network for those items. Receipts for 
tax purposes will be provided.

Please do not solicit members for donations, including those for 
diabetes or other types of medical causes. IP has a large membership 
list with many of the members involved in fund-raising efforts, which 
can result in a sizeable number of people making such requests.

If you have any requests or questions feel free to contact me or the 
Help address.

One of the Volunteer Administrators
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe/change list versions,
contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org