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[IP] Rx Coverage - Discount card

 Thought the following would be of interest to those w/no Rx coverage or on
Medicare D.
  Bev O

Monday, 06/12/06
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  Free Prescription Drug Card Now Available to All Americans
  Beat High Prescription Drug Costs with the www.YourRxCard.com Free
Prescription Drug Card
  Baton Rouge, LA  June 6, 2006  Last month, a new free prescription drug
card became available to all Americans. The free prescription drug card is
available by filling out a short online form at www.YourRxCard.com, and the card
can be printed instantly. Besides the instant activation, the free prescription
drug card has no deductibles, waiting periods, or pre-existing exclusions. The
prescription drug card was released by YourRxCard.com in response to Americans
rising prescription drug costs, and the downfalls of the new Medicare Part D
  Its estimated that prescription drug spending will likely increase at a
greater rate than patients earnings, at a rate of 8.2% each year until 2015,
according to a report issued in February by the National Health Statistics Group
at CMS (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services). Medicare Part D was launched
in January, and made available to current Medicare recipients in varying plans,
but those plans have several downfalls. For example, not every American is
eligible to take advantage of Medicare Part D, unlike with the new free
prescription drug card at www.YourRxCard.com. Other problems with Medicare Part
D include the fact that multiple plans are participating (therefore causing
plans to be somewhat profit-based), a monthly premium is required to stay in the
program, some of the plans require a $250 deductible, and there is a gap in
coverage after a certain level where patients pay all costs on their own until
the plan kicks in again.
  YourRxCard.com aims to provide a solution to all Americans upset by the rising
prescription drug costs; not just those eligible for Medicare. The free
prescription drug card is instant, available to everyone, and has no deductibles
or waiting periods. Because the card can be used with other prescription drug
cards, it allows patients to maximize their savings.
  About www.YourRxCard.com 
  YourRxCard.com is a free prescription drug card program being produced to help
all Americans cut their prescription drug costs. Individuals can download and
print their free prescription drug card from www.YourRxCard.com, and receive
savings of up to 75% at more than 50,000 national, regional, and local
pharmacies. There are no deductibles, no waiting periods, and no pre-existing
exclusions with the use of the card.
  For more information please visit www.YourRxCard.com, or contact Rex Bowden at
866-561-1926 or via email at email @ redacted
  Rex Bowden
  11608 Darryl Drive
  Baton Rouge, LA 70815 
  Phone: 866-561-1926
  Email: email @ redacted 
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