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[IP] Neuropathy correction

I've had neuropathy for years with no feeling below my ankles except for an
annoying burning or tingling in my feet when in bed. I recently leanred of a
possible correction.  It is light therapy using a device called Anodyne.  It
uses infared diods in pads that are applied to legs and feet.

How I learned about it is that going to bed one night, my wife told me to go
to the kithen and put a pan in the refrigerator.  While turning, I stumped my
toe. No problem--no feeling. During the night, I went to the bathroom and
discovered blood over the floor, carpet and in the bed.  Took several days to
get the bleeding stopped, and decided to call my endo for a antibiotic
prescription.  His nurse said to come in.

My endo took one look at my toe, fussed at me about not coming in immediately,
wrote a prescription and called the wound care clinic.  The wound clinic
fussed at me about not coming in immediately, bandaged my toe, called a
podiatrist and set me up with home health.

Home health started coming daily to bandage my toe and three days a week for
the Anodyne treatment.  I thought the Anodyne treatment was so much baloney
for a week, then I realized my nocturnal burning/tingling had gone away.  Two
more treatments an I started feeling things in my feet for the first time in

Royce Ballew
Tyler, TX
email @ redacted
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