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[IP] Bolus wizard (with signature)

My MiniMed 712 will give the "correct BG" first message when the meter says
I'm below 70 and will refuse to give a bolus.  I have no idea of how to reset
my hypo threshold.

My CDE/CPT helped me figure out how much glucose I need when low to bring my
BG up to the target 100.  When between 45 and 70, I take glucotabs with a
swallow of coke and the two add up to 10 gms. When rarely in the low 40s, my
wife can persuade me to swallow a bit of coke.  Below 40 it takes glycogen.

I wait for 30-45 minutes before doing another test and see if more correction
up or down is needed.  I do a test if I'm going to drive somewhere as I don't
try to drive if my BG or systolic BP is below 100.

Royce Ballew
Tyler, TX
email @ redacted
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