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Re: [IP] Re: kinked infusion sets

On Sat, 10 Jun 2006, Barb Smith wrote:

> I know that this question has been answered, but did not save those answers
> and would like input before I try something new.  My soft sets have kinked
> so much it is ridiculous and have tried the 9mm and 6mm-with and w/o the
> serter and keep getting kinks and you know how miserable that can be.
> Please answer me privately so others don't have to read this all over again.
> What are the "best" infusion sets to NOT kink and can I use them with my
> serter?

Repeated kinking of infusions sets many times is related to the movement
of the tissue where they are inserted or just beneath where they are
inserted. Sometimes moving them an inch or two one way or the other away
from the underlying muscle mass can prevent a recurrence. If the set is
over muscle that moves a lot or in skin that is prone to crease (like just
below the belt line), then you are more likely to have a problem with
kinking. Stand in front of the mirror and do some bending and twisting,
sit in a chair and watch where your skin naturally creases and keep the
set away from those areas.

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