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[IP] Bolus Wizard

>From: Antonio <email @ redacted>
>Subject: Re: [IP] Bolus Wizard

>You need to set your hypo threshold low enough, so it gives you a
>warning NOT to bolus when your BG is that low and you are consuming
>carbs.  Otherwise, it applies a "reverse correction" algorithm to use
>the consumed carbs to bring your BG up.  Whatever it thinks is enough
>carb grams is not covered with insulin, anything over that is.

My pump did give me the "do not bolus until BG is normal" message.  But if
it's subtracting my "reverse correction", it's not reversing enough.  My carb
ratios, etc. all seem to be correct, but the "reverse correction" has never
been enough.  How do you change that without messing everything else up?  I
don't see where that's figured in when I review my Bolus Wizard settings.
Maybe my set BG range needs to wider?


Yessi Palmer
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