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[IP] Interesting Book

Has anybody read "Sweetblood" by Pete Hautman? it is a novel aimed at teens  
but is quite fun. I stumbled upon it when I was looking for something else and 
 after reading about it had to read it. Here is the book jacket info:
There are only two races that matter: the Living and the Undead...and with  
every year that passes, the numbers of the Undead grow. It is inevitable. So  
 says Lucy Szabo. She has a theory: Hundreds of years ago, before the discovery
of insulin, slowly dying diabetics were the original "vampires." Lucy, a  
diabetic herself, counts herself amount the modern Undead.
As Sweetblood, she frequents the Transylvania room, an Internet chat room  
where so-called vampires gather to discuss all things goth. But Draco, one of  
 the other visitors to Transylvania, claims to be a real vampire-and Lucy's not
entirely sure he's kidding.
As Lucy becomes more involved with the goth/vampire subculture, everything  
in her life begins to unravel. Her grades plummet, her relationship with her  
parents deteriorates, and her ability to regulate her blood sugar worsens  
Then she meets Draco face-to-face, and he invites her into his strange  
 world. Lucy realizes that she needs to make some difficult choices-if it isn't
already too late.
Pete Hautman's new take on vampires is a disturbing and fascinating story  
 about an intelligent, cynical teen reinventing herself in the face of a chronic
illness. According to Pete, the idea for Sweetblood  was born more  than 
twenty years ago:
"I was researching the origins of vampire stories when I discovered two  
remarkable facts. First, drinking excessive amounts of blood can cause  
 diabetes-bad news for would-be vampires! Second, I learned that diabetes, if
 untreated, could produce symptoms that made the victim look and act a lot like
vampires of stories and legends. Coincidence? Perhaps...
"A few years later, I was diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes. So far  
I haven't developed a taste for blood, but you never know..."
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