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RE:[IP] UPS Delivery

Around here, I have noticed not enough difference in shippers to be worth
mentioning... Except for ONE THING....

The local drivers from DHL, FedEx, & UPS know I work nights, and sleep
during the day.

If my prescriptions are shipped by FedEx or DHL, the driver will knock on my
door until I wake up and they personally hand me the package.

However, with UPS, I have had several times over summer (daytime high over
100), when I have received the prescriptions (including Insulin) shipped by
UPS.  UPS, since when I worked DAY SHIFT and was never home during shipping
times, I had arranged for them to, even when "signature required" packages
were delivered, I specified a "secure location" for them to place the
package.  If the package value stated by the sender is less than $100, UPS
will leave me a note telling me they left the package at my designated
"secure location" on the property... If over $100, they will leave me a note
telling me the package can be picked up on my way to work the next day at
the UPS office.

But with my prescriptions... FedEx & DHL drivers have ALL just kept knocking
on my door until I woke up to sign for the package and take it from them...
UPS, on the other hand, has delivered prescriptions without even knocking on
the door, just left the package on the front deck setting out in the hot
sunlight ALL DAY until I woke up, opened the door to go to work, and found
the box in front of the door.

ALL THREE shippers... DHL, UPS, AND FedEx have been notified by me
personally on their "customer response slip" they have posted on my door in
the past that I work nights, sleep, and therefore am home days... So if they
make a delivery attempt.. They are to AT LEAST knock on my door to let me
know they are there before leaving the package... DHL and FedEx follow
through and don't even drive away until they see me open the door to take
the package... UPS, on the other hand, will leave the package, even when
marked "signature required", without even trying to knock on the door to let
me know they are/were there.

For ME... The ONLY advantage UPS has over the other shippers is that both
DHL and FedEx have "local" offices located more than 35 miles away so it is
a pain-in-the-*ss to have to go to their "local office" to pick up the
package.  However, if UPS has a package they don't want to leave at my door,
their "local" office is REALLY LOCAL... as in less than 1 mile out of the
way on my way to work to swing by the local office to pick up the package
they deemed as "too valuable" to be able to leave on my front deck.


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Re: [IP] UPS Delivery

At 09:35 AM 6/9/2006, you wrote:
>Andy, I agree with you.  I have great service from my UPS driver
>too.  I live in Michigan, in a rural are.  How about you?
>.  Perhaps it is the
>>attitude of the workers in various areas that is different?

I have always had good experiences with UPS.

When I was doing the mail order thing (long ago)  they tried to
deliver my insulin to my house but they thought it may go bad with
the 100 degree weather so they did a LOT of foot work with the
insurance company and shipper to find where family worked and they
delivered it to my father...

Brian Carter
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