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Re: [IP] Possible IV3000 solution?


Thanks for that possible solution.  Although that won't help with what I 
currently need, I'll keep it in mind for some future application.  (You 
never know when these bits of info can come in handy!)

As for the IV3000, I think that what I heard about the IV3000 being all 
bad was just a few cases of bad lots, or bad something, but that overall 
it sounds like it's still working.  I know their market is for 
hospitals, so if they changed to something that wasn't good, it wouldn't 
sell and they would lose business.  In fact, I'm going to measure my 
pain medication patch right now and see what I should order for it.

Best wishes,

Antonio in LA
Age 40, Type 1 since 1993
MiniMed Paradigm 515, OneTouch Ultra
MiniMed Carelink and PAL software

Valerie wrote:
> Has anyone tried Kinesio tape? I had posted info about it several months
> ago. While I don9t need to use it for my sites, I9ve been wearing it on my
> forearm for tennis elbow. I shower with it and it holds nice and tight for
> nearly a week. It9s flexible, breathable, and comfortable.
> If you do a search for Kinesio Taping, you9ll see the physical therapy
> applications. Most sites say it lasts between 2-5 days, but like I said,
> I9ve been changing it weekly and still have to tug a bit to get it off.
> Here9s a link that sells it, but there are lots of sources:
> http://www.medsupplystore.com/kin001.html?gclid=CKjku4i4uYUCFQxrDgod0CNgtwI
> Valerie
> http://www.fusedglassgallery.com
> .
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