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Subject: RE: [IP] Precision Xtra

I also use the Precision Xtra.  Have for several years.  I have not had any
number problems with it.  I recently got a One Touch Ultra Smart meter and
the readings between the 2 machines are within 2 points of each other.


To the original poster: Did you calibrate your machine with the white
calibration strip when you first opened the box?


And to Bruce:  Why make sure the strips are in the blue and not the gold
foil pack?  I recently reordered strips and got the blue foiled ones.  I
still have several boxes of the gold, and they work just fine, except that
it takes longer than 5 seconds you wait with the blue strips to get the


I have put blood on the strips but missed the area that "sucks it up to




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Subject: Re: [IP] Precision Xtra


The new strips for the Xtra are made so that you don't put the blood

on the strip you touch the strip to the blood and the strip absorbs

the blood like most of the other strips for the other meters, perhaps

that may be where your problem lies.  You need to touch the end of the

strip to the blood and let it absorb the blood.  I've had no problems at

all with the Xtra since the VA switched over to them.  Make sure that 

the strips are in the blue foil and not the gold foil packs.




> I've been trying to use this meter and I find it's a real piece of

crap.This surprises me because I used Precision QID's for years. The test

> strips are very slow to absorb blood. Also, I can fill the strip with

> blood, it's obvious the strip is full of blood, and the meter just


> there telling me to put the blood on the test strip. Also I just did 5

> test in a row and the results varied about 50 points. I never have any


> those problems on the One Touch Ultra Smart.
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