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RE: [IP] UPS Delivery

 Earlier this year, when I finally decided that I had enough of the Quick-Sets
and the constant bent cannulas, I called Minimed to ask for samples of the
Silhouettes. The guy I spoke to at MM said he would send then via UPS Next Day.
After the whole thing was settled I realized that I forgot to ask him to send
the sets to my job, since I'm not home all day. The MM guy said that he would
just note the package saying it could be left in front of my apartment door if I
wasn't home. The next morning I even left for work a little late, hoping the UPS
driver would show up. He didn't, but when I got home there was the tag saying
they had tried to deliver and I wasn't home etc. I called UPS and said that the
sender specified it could be left in front of the door but the UPS woman said
they couldn't do that. I had to request an address change to have it delivered
to my job instead. So, rather than getting the sets the next day I got them 3
days later.

 I hate UPS more from the business side of things. I deal with 5 different UPS
accounts for my job and they're always screwing things up. I have to call for
adjustments on our bills every single week. I've spoken with supervisors, I've
spoken with the local hubs. The problems are never fixed.

I still prefer UPS over FedEx home delivery (formerly RPS).  

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed Paradigm 715 5/2005
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