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RE: [IP] UPS Delivery

 UPS and USPS are the only shippers with whom I've ever had a problem. And UPS
is the only one where
 I've had to track down shipments that were mis-delivered, such as my insulin
pump! The only one
 where they drop it on the doorstep and walk away without even ringing the

 They're even the only ones driving trucks that put out huge clouds of black
diesel smoke! (Though
 Airborne, before being bought by DHL, did have a few less than optimal trucks
-- I live near their
local depot).

 My impression is that UPS has improved from their horrible service of a few
years ago, but I still
 prefer to use FedEx or DHL. Fedex pioneered the sort of online tracking they
all use now, and I
think they're still the best at it.

 But better UPS than USPS. At least UPS won't mutilate your shipment in order to
cram it into your
mailbox, just to avoid delivering it to your door.

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 Please. UPS delivers tens of millions of packages. Yes they have a few
problems, but overall their
service is excellent.

 I've had hundreds of packages delivered by UPS with very very few problems. And
when their was a
problem it was quickly rectified.
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