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RE: [IP] bleeding infusion sites / ANSWER!!

That's not been my experience -- except for the not dying part.

 I take aspirin and Plavix. My first instinct was to let any pooled blood drain
out to avoid
 bruising, and clean it out a bit (in case there was an infection causing the
prior discomfort).

 After way too much blood to be purely local accumulation, and getting too
messy, I gave up and
applied gentle pressure. No adverse effects, including no major bruising.

 I do still think it makes sense to let it bleed at first, but it's my
observation that if the
bleeding is persistent, feel free to apply pressure.

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2. Let it bleed.

 The mistake people immediately make is to apply pressure. If you block the
cannula hole where the
 blood is coming out, it will always seep under the skin and give you a big
black bruise that'll take
a couple weeks to go away.

 Instead, let it bleed out. You can lightly pad away the blood with a gauze pad
or towel or whatever
to keep the blood from staining your clothes, just don't block the opening.

It'll stop in a few minutes. You won't die.
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