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Re: [IP] YIPPEE!!!!

  First Carol, where are you in Ohio? My granddaughter and two
great-grandchildren (3 and 4 months) are in Dayton, and we have been up there
twice already this year, and probably will again next month for the 3 y/o's 4th
birthday. The pump has made things like this so much easier.
  I, too, was a member here before receiving my pump, and *I* believe made it
much easier for me when I started using it. When I went for my pump training, my
bag with all the new pump stuff, including the pump, was accidentally left
behind. It is a two hour trip to my endo so going back for it when we discovered
it not with us when we were crossing the Mississippi River into Memphis, was not
an option. However, I told my husband for us to go on and go because between
reading my manual and watching the DVD, *and* all that I'd learned from being
here month after month, I thought the CDE and I could get the training done.
Sure enough, she used a pump she had there, and we went over all the required
stuff on her list, with her filling in the numbers for my settings on my pump;
we *stepped* through filling the reservoir. I went home and got hooked up
without any problems at all.
Keep reading and pumping, and have a marvelous day!


A Happy Pumper and new Power Chair user in Arkansas!
email @ redacted
Pumping with MiniMed Paradigm 715, 2/06 Humalog. Symlin

On a recent trip, I discovered that "Home is where my kitties are."
Today is the first day of the rest of my life!

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From: Carol Lewicki <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Thursday, June 8, 2006 4:12:20 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] YIPPEE!!!!

Loree, I agree!  I've learned so much from this list.  I joined  
before I started pumping and with the help of this group I felt I was  
able to make a knowledgeable choice for my pump.  I've since learned  
how to work with my pump and hope to learn more "tricks" and tips in  
the future.

Carol in Ohio
MM715  3/06

On Jun 8, 2006, at 4:57 PM, Loree Bailey wrote:

> Thanks everyone for the wonderful words!
> I don't know what my average A1c was..but certainly never less than  
> 8 or
> 9.  After a month on the pump it was 7.1, but my Endo was still
> displeased.  Honestly, I was pretty happy with that at the time..but I
> knew this would be better-funny, now that I know what good control  
> feels
> like (not afraid to go to a dinner party, not feeling sluggish and
> troll-like in the morning because my BG is not losing the DP battle
> anymore, not afraid to go on a day long field trip with my son walking
> around Niagara Falls) I wouldn't trade it for anything.
> Knowing that these are big steps toward being able to see my son get
> married, and holding my grandbabies (he's only 11 but you all know  
> what I
> mean) is pretty amazing for me given that at my diagnosis my  
> parents were
> told I should not have children and could expect to not live "well"  
> past
> 50.
> To my well intentioned docs of years gone by, I'm celebrating this  
> news
> today by picking my son up early and going to the beach!  (one thing I
> have been a little worried about is sand/pump/beach) but hey-time to
> tackle fears!
> Again, I know I'm taking this to the limit today but it feels so
> wonderful, and I am looking forward to celebrating with all of you  
> when
> your results are in!
> Take care everyone..and thanks so much..a  little bit of that number
> belongs to everyone who has answered my questions, provided tips,  
> or just
> sat and smiled, nodding knowingly at something I've said.
> Loree
> "Everything works out in the end.  If it hasn't worked out, it's  
> not the
> end."
> .
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