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RE: [IP] UPS Delivery

I work all day also so I have my supplies sent to me at my office that way I
know they won't be left on the door step. I did this after I went on
vacation and the 1st day of my week off UPS left a package (New computer) on
my steps. It was not there when I got back.  I asked my receiving dept and
they told me no problem. I was away on business for a week when my last
shipment arrived and they even put it in the refridge for me.

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 Gee, this topic is interesting, as I've had success w/the Medco/UPS
combination...it's funny, 'cause everything except my insulin is shipped by
- the odd part is, they actually put so many ice packs in that I
occasionally wonder if the stuff will freeze (which of course, is next to
impossible)...that, and the fact that it's sent Next Day Air, no charge, and
I live in the state next door to the distribution center...

 Now, UPS will leave it on the porch, but I really don't have a choice, as
I'm at work/school all day, and I don't get back home 'til after delivery
hours, so I can't say anything about that...

 On the other hand, I can give you a rant about USPS Priority Mail...I got
the most destroyed package of reservoirs from the post office/USPS delivery,
shipping box was completely destroyed, some of the reservoir boxes were next
to destroyed, luckily, the reservoirs themselves were fine...I'll tell ya,
that was a sight to see...and they had the nerve to put tape on the box that
said, "In damaged condition" - like I couldn't see that already! I can also
say, "Thank goodness for the wide temperature range of those One Touch Ultra
strips", b/c without it, I'm pretty sure that all of my strips in the past 6
years or so would be dead, as they ship them w/no insulation whatsoever, and
leave them on my porch in hot Georgia, 95 degree weather...I'd be terrified
if they were shipping insulin...

 Anyways, I really hope you all get all this sorted out, I don't blame y'all
for being upset, I'd be furious as well!!
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