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Re: [IP] UPS Delivery Not the problem

In a message dated 6/8/2006 6:01:43 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
  The insulin is being reordered through medco with the stipulation it be
>delivered in the AM by UPS or there will be hell to pay.  I think what annoys
>me the most is the package was marked perishable all over but nothing was 
>to protect it.  I am getting tired of people screwing with my health like
>this.  Sorry about the length and the tone I needed to vent.
>Jerry Linton


The problem is not Medco.  The problem is really UPS, whose 
Residential delivery service STINKS.   They don't give a rats @ss 
about doing business residentially and provide zero service.   You 
are lucky if they even ring your doorbell and don't they just drop 
the package off and leave it sitting all day in the sun.  Call Medco 
back and INSIST that it be delivered by FedEx or DHL or some other 
company that DOES care, NOT UPS.

The problem is with MEDCO not UPS.  I have ordered my insulin through Medco, 
delivered by UPS for years.  Medco sends the insulin out Next Day Saver.  This 
means that MEDCO knows that residential deliveries are made between 3pm and 
 7pm. I got tiered of waiting and worry about my insulin delivery. I called my
husbands human resources and was put in touch with their person who handles 
MEDCO.  I explained my situation.  When I need to order insulin I call her and 
she places the order with MEDCO for next day delivery by 10:30am.  This costs 
MEDCO more money.  If I was to call MEDCO direct they would not do it.  When I 
need to send in a new prescription, I address it to the person who handles 
MEDCO at my husbands company and we agree on a delivery day and it works fine. 
UPS is only providing the service for which MEDCO is willing to pay for. Next 
Day Saver is cheaper than Next Day by 10:30am.

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