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[IP] Using Advanced Diabetes Supply

I too use ADS, and they are totally awesome.  Recently, when I ordered 
my strips, Tim offered to send me the Autolet Impression lancet device.  
Several months ago, I had tried to get this from a local pharmacy and, 
after weeks of trying, they realized they couldn't get it.  I couldn't 
believe that just like that, he said he would send me one.  Also, the 
other day I called because I needed some alcohol prep pads.  Not a huge 
emergency or need, but the next day they were here!  Tim, and the rest 
of the crew at ADS are outstanding!

Antonio in LA
Age 40, Type 1 since 1993
MiniMed Paradigm 515, OneTouch Ultra
MiniMed Carelink and PAL software

Phyllis Abram wrote:
> That is why I changed to Advanced Diabetes Supply. Also MEDCO does not accept
> Medicare as ADS does. email @ redacted is one of the owners of ADS. Email
> him if you wish.
> Phyllis
>   ----- Original Message -----
>   From: Jerry & Kristin
>   To: email @ redacted
>   Sent: Thursday, June 08, 2006 4:27 PM
>   Subject: [IP] UPS Delivery
>   Ordered some Novolog insulin pens from Medco and they sent with ice packs
>   overnight air via UPS and we waited all day for the delivery which never
> came.
>   I started calling at 3 pm to find out what is happening since the website
> said
>   they were on the truck and being delivered.  Finally at 7 pm we talked to
>   someone who said they never made it on the truck and also found out they
> were
>   still sitting in the Air Shipment container in 100+ degree heat all day and
>   would not be delivered unit the next day.  After telling, then yelling that
>   there was insulin in the package, which fell upon deaf ears and a few other
>   choice words they acted as though the did not care.  So we called the next
>   morning to get some answers and went through the same thing again with ore
>   people and finally talked to a supervisor who found out the would be
> delivered
>   by 1 pm after sitting in the hot truck all morning.  The package arrived
> and
>   low and behold it was hotter than hell with the insulin and 700 test strips
> in
>   it.  The insulin is being reordered through medco with the stipulation it
> be
>   delivered in the AM by UPS or there will be hell to pay.  I think what
> annoys
>   me the most is the package was marked perishable all over but nothing was
> done
>   to protect it.  I am getting tired of people screwing with my health like
>   this.  Sorry about the length and the tone I needed to vent.
>   Jerry Linton
>   .
> .
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