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Thanks everyone for the wonderful words!

I don't know what my average A1c was..but certainly never less than 8 or
9.  After a month on the pump it was 7.1, but my Endo was still
displeased.  Honestly, I was pretty happy with that at the time..but I
knew this would be better-funny, now that I know what good control feels
like (not afraid to go to a dinner party, not feeling sluggish and
troll-like in the morning because my BG is not losing the DP battle
anymore, not afraid to go on a day long field trip with my son walking
around Niagara Falls) I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Knowing that these are big steps toward being able to see my son get
married, and holding my grandbabies (he's only 11 but you all know what I
mean) is pretty amazing for me given that at my diagnosis my parents were
told I should not have children and could expect to not live "well" past

To my well intentioned docs of years gone by, I'm celebrating this news
today by picking my son up early and going to the beach!  (one thing I
have been a little worried about is sand/pump/beach) but hey-time to
tackle fears!

Again, I know I'm taking this to the limit today but it feels so
wonderful, and I am looking forward to celebrating with all of you when
your results are in!

Take care everyone..and thanks so much..a  little bit of that number
belongs to everyone who has answered my questions, provided tips, or just
sat and smiled, nodding knowingly at something I've said.


"Everything works out in the end.  If it hasn't worked out, it's not the


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