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[IP] fat & insulin

I think you are doing very well!
A mixed insulin like your 70/30  is difficult to work with, but is 
better than nothing.
With pumping, you will be using a fast acting insulin. You can correct 
if your Bg needs it in 2-4 hr.
I am surprised they do not have you on one of the new basals, Lantus or 
the other, and a fast acting insulin, Novolog, Humalog or Apidra, 
another available down the line soon, since you will be using a pump.  
IMO, your experiences with mixed insulin, is a learning tool.  (Heehe, 
you learn there are more helpful  tools out there!)
NPH, can be unpredictable sometimes, IMO, and you have to have stricter 
regimes when working with it, plus have to snack more (glucose tabs or 
whatever, or have many fewer eating choices.)  YMMV.
IMO, things are not perfect when pumping, but all the advice and tips 
for solving any pump problems you get from the list & its resources, are 
invaluable, and eventually everything falls into place!
People on list have either "been there, done that" or, just may!  Linda K
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