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[IP] Made my decision, will be getting pump!

<<<The MiniMed Paradigm RT is too RF sensitive and would need a lot of 

I'm curious about this--can you give more details about it?  I've never 
needed to disconnect my MM with the exception of an X-ray or two and 
swimming/showering (over 6 years of pumping now and 3 different versions of 
MM pumps, currently 515).  Is this something new with the X22 series?  I 
also know that you can turn off the RF feature on the MM pumps, but when you 
do you can't communicate with the BD meter.  That isn't a problem for many 
people using the MM pumps since they don't use the BD meter, but it might be 
with the X22 series and the CGMS.  What situations would RF interference be 
a problem in?  I can't think of too many, other than possibly in airplanes.

Sarah, dx'92, pumping'00
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