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Re: [IP] The new Paradigm Pump w/ continuous glucose monitoring

Hi Eric,

You are right. Nine days is a long time but till now I have any
reactions to my skin. I keep the transmitter stacked in the same spot
and I have covered the sensor win an IV 300 and everything is fine.

I don't intent to keep the sensors so long in the future but I keep
this sensor just to test how it last.

Unfortunately I have to give back my loan MM722RT at the end of this
moth because the test time MM gave me is passing over. I will return
to my Cozmo then until I can make my insurance approve the sensor

I' m very happy and very lucky to try RT system which give me a new
perspective on my diabetes. After a whole moth wearing the system I'm
still exited withe my glucose curve on the screen. I don't react on
values anymore but try to cure my curves and my trends. Most of the
last days my BG average (from 288 daily results) was around 110 with
an deviation of 32 and almost no hypos! The best glucemia I had in my

The challenge for me is to keep going like that on July when I'll
return the MM722RT.

Hope to help. Feel free to ask about my experience,

Nikos Filippou
Thessaloniki, Greece
age 36, DX T1 86, pumping MM722RT with sensor on
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