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Re: [IP] The new Paradigm Pump w/ continuous glucose monitoring

Nikos Filippou wrote:

> I wear my MM722RT sensor for nine days and still works fine. I'll keep
> that sensor until it dies and I'll inform you how it last. All my
> previous sensors last at least 7 days before die.

Hi Nikos,

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.  Have you had any problems
with reactions/rashes on the skin where the sensor is?  Do you move the
transmitter around during that time?  Nine days seems like a long time
to have something stuck in one place (but I'm not a pumper [yet] so I
don't have a great sense of how these things go).

I'm seeing a new endo tomorrow, and plan to ask about pumps in general
(I'm still on MDI) and about 522/722 in particular.


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