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[IP] Dexcom CGMS (I LOVE this machine !!!)

joanne milo said:

>> I'm not sure whether I am getting problems from water ... but
>> I hear unofficially that water does not bother the transmitter.

You might take a look at another active person's site,

He's races bikes and triathlons... as an OPEN CLASS competitor. He's had
multiple instances of sweat short-circuiting the transmitter, which the
causes the  Receiver/CGMS to read "HIGH Over 400". But obviously, that's
different from your situation (high, but still getting readings which IT
thinks are "valid").

Water which short-circuits the transmitter leads is a definite no-no.
Sweat, with metallic salts, certainly increases conductivity wherever it
is present. Towards the bottom of the week-1 blog entry, Matt Vogel
reminds us of the instructions:

"The Shower patch shouldn't be worn for extended periods of time because
the humidity/moisture will interfere with the sensor."

So maybe it isn't just total failure via short-circuit, but also
increased error via 'excess' humidity? If you get too much humidity by
wearing the shower patch for a long time (and sweating underneath it), I
think that the same failure mode would occur by simply sweating in a
humid situation where your sweat doesn't evaporate away.

I've got almost no humidity here (Nevada). I wonder if the sensor and
transmitter would survive drying via hairdryer? It would certainly be OK
without the heat, and might help.
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