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[IP] finger poke rituals and idiosyncracies

I've got a little system of rituals that I use when testing my BGs.  They only
make sense to me, and I've never mentioned it to anyone before but I know the
IP members can appreciate the little quirks that help us get thru the day.

* When testing BG 2 hours after a site change always use the ring finger on
the left hand since this is the least used finger and the rest of my hand will
be unpoked in case the site didn't take and I have to go change it right

*  When preparing to go out for a day trip test on the left hand while at home
so the right hand will be "intact" when I go out.  Testing on my right hand is
easier when driving, standing in line, etc.

*  Just before I go to bed I test on my right thumb or index finger since I
won't be using it until the next morning.

*  Right after a shower or having my hands in hot water, test in a stubborn
spot that doesn't usually bleed.

*  When I'm in a bad mood and feeling sorry for myself I test right on the
finger tip where it hurts.  This gives me something to whine about.

Anyone else care to share their odd secrets and rituals?  :)

Yessi Palmer (tests 10x or more a day)
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